Version 1.0.1 Released

Added Syslog Notification Policy and fix some bugs.
Also, I release a binary version of it.
I was very pleased if who else wonder to develop appp with me.
If you'r interesting, plz contact me with email.

Version 1.0.0 Released

Big news!
Our APPP Version 1.0.0 was released.
And it is no-longer a test version but a useful tool!!
I added a MemoryMonitorPolicy for it. Now, appp can monitor Residence Memory Usage!!
BTW: The UserInterface (management client) was changed to XML RPC pattern.
So you can develop you own UserInterface by whatever tools using XMLRPC.
just remember to visit http://xx.xx.xx.xx:10082/RPC2 .
The only sad is we must using xmlrpc-c library!! :D

Discussion Time

We are going to stop the project release for several days.

Because of we must decide which type of UserInterface should be use.
And how the Notification Policy Archi will be design. :(
See you Next Week.
your sincerely alliciga 2006.8.23

Introduction to APPP

APPP is a process monitoring tool running under linux environment.
This site is in the stage of initialise.
More pages will come soon. :)
Thanks for coming!!

Current version: APPP Version 0.0.2 (Aug 21, 2006)




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